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Single Family/Townhouse Trash/Recycling & Storage of Trash/Recycling Containers

Trash disposal and storage of trash cans has become a problem in Spring Ridge. We want to remind residents of the rules and procedures to dispose of trash and to store trash cans in the community.

The rules say: “ARTICLE IX, Section 9.02 (e): "Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection and after 6pm on days prior to trash collection. Trash shall be stored in closed metal containers or containers constructed of other suitable materials. No incinerator shall be kept or maintained on any Lot.”

We ask residents that when disposing of household trash to put the trash bags inside a trash container before putting the trash out for collection at the curbside. Individual trash bags should not be put out on the curbside. Animals will get into the trash bags and spread trash all over the community making the community look very unkempt.
The same applies to your recycling, during recycle collection days make sure the recycling is secured inside the recycle container so not to blow all over the community.

Yard waste should be put out on the curbside inside proper landscape paper bags. Large branches should be cut in small sections no larger the 3 feet and bundled up before being put curbside for collection.

Trash cans (recycle cans included) and yard waste should only be put out on the street for collection at 6 PM on days prior to collection. All trash containers should be put away from “public view” no later than the end of the trash collection day. When not in use trash cans should be kept in the garage, backyard or screened from public view. These rules apply to regular household trash cans, recycle cans and yard waste.

With the exception for holidays and inclement weather, here is the Single Family/Townhouse trash collection schedule:

Household Trash—Monday & Thursday

Yard Waste—Every Wednesday from third week of March thru second week of January.

Co-mingled Recycling—(glass, paper, plastic, etc.) is not a service offered by your community, it’s a Frederick
County program. Information about recycling schedules can be obtained by contacting the Frederick County Recycling at 301-600-2960 or https://www.frederickcountymd.gov/1764/Recycling-Information   

Your efforts in keeping the Spring Ridge community attractive and appealing are appreciated.